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Setting you on the path to safe stress-free hot tub maintenance..


The most important part of owning a holiday let spa is maintaining the water to ensure it is safe for your guests to use. Your spa is likely to be subject to heavy use from your guests, who will introduce all sorts of dirt and organics to the water. Things like dead skin cells and hair, bodily excretions, cosmetics, detergents, and toiletries, all of which affects the spas chemistry. Because of all these pollutants being introduced to the water, it’s important that you keep a close eye on the sanitiser levels. 

Its good practice to keep a written record of every action you take with the hot tub, record you water testing results, keep your laboratory reports, keep a log of any maintenance, planned and unplanned. You should keep these records for 5 years.

The following is a summary of the maintenance checks recommended by HSG 282 :




At least twice dailyTest pH & residual disinfectant level of water with suitable test kit, we recommend using a Digital Tester like Pool Lab 2.0. Record your results.

You should maintain the water at:
Ph 7.0–7.6
Chlorine 3–5 mg/l
Bromine 4–6 mg/l

As well as keeping an eye on your Ph and Sanitiser levels, you also need to consider the Combined Chlorine which should be lower than 1 mg/l and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) >1000 mg/l higher than the incoming fill water.

At least twice dailyCheck water clarity – This can be done visually; you should be able to clearly see through the water to the bottom of the spa. If the water clarity is not satisfactory, you can use a clarifying product like Spa Clarifier, or a Scum Bug to help.

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